We have four beautiful jersey cows, Baker, Hershey, Coco and Clementine. We were so lucky to find our original three girls, lovingly raised as family cows by 14 children, only a few weeks after we moved in.  Clementine found her way here from a family relocating to the area who reached out so she could be close by. Although now a rarity, homestead farms used to have their own dairy cow who would provide more than enough for the family.  Seeking a similar self-reliance and home-made fertility, it didn’t take long for us to see the enormous benefits of these amazing ruminants.  And they are oh, so generous in their butter-fat-rich milk production.

Our raw milk dairy is offered through a herd-share program.  In short, you own part of our herd and are thus entitled to her milk. Each household must purchase a share for each weekly gallon desired in order to drink fresh milk in Kentucky. We have milk testing equipment on the farm to ensure the health and safety of the milk.

How do I buy milk?

  1. Purchase a cow share for a one time fee of $30.00. You must sign a bill of sale and contract.
  2. You now have the option to obtain one gallon of milk each week for each share you own and can order milk or cream directly through us.  Our cows will be in milk production for roughly 9 months out of the year.
  3. Order milk weekly, or as-needed.  Your order fee pays for the care, maintenance and the milking of your cow: $6/half-gallon and $10/gallon.
  4. You may pick up at the farm, or for a minimum order, milk is delivered to your door. All milk comes in half-gallon glass jars that must be washed and returned each week. Unreturned jars incur a $5 charge after 2 weeks. There must be a cooler with an ice pack on the porch or access to a fridge for delivery.

Can I receive milk year-round? We are a seasonal dairy, which means we let both of our cows rest before giving birth. During this 2-3 month rest (or “dry”) period, we do not milk the cows so their bodies can focus solely on a healthy baby calf.

What if I am out of town? Simply do not place an order the week you are out of town. You are under no obligation to buy every week.

Please understand that the milk that you obtain from your cow can in no way be sold or distributed under any circumstance!

Ready to sign up? Fill out our quick form and we will be in touch! Feel free to contact us with any questions.