On 27 acres, we are a small Organic and Biodynamic (non-certified, pursuing certification) farm in Henry County, just over the Oldham County line, 35 minutes from downtown Louisville. While we both come from immediate families who did not farm, we have the story, like many, of how our grandparents used to farm. After skipping the generation of our parents, we are returning to farming, trying to re-learn the skills and arts required to care well for a piece of land. Wes Jackson would call our story a “rural homecoming.”

Coming into our third season, we are tending a diverse market garden, an acre of blueberries, a small herd of jersey cows and an entertaining flock of hens that rotate through the farm. All the while, we are working to plant trees, repair old barns, revive springs, clean streams, and. . .find arrowheads.

Join our CSA

Introducing our nutrient-dense Full Diet CSA

At its core, becoming a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member not only helps ensures the long-term viability of small family farms, but is also an investment in local environmental protection and regeneration. By purchasing a “share” at the beginning of the season, you receive a “return” of items from the farm each week. It’s a sustainable model that provides the healthiest, freshest food to a community who is willing to share in the inherent rewards and unpredictability of farming.    

We believe that our community should have access to a transparent food system that they can trust, understand and rely upon. We limit our CSA so we can be intentional about sharing food and building relationships by sending updates, recipe ideas, and hosting regular potluck dinners at the farm for CSA members and friends.

In partnership with Valley Spirit Farm, our new Full Diet CSA is a convenient way for anyone who wants to source as much of your diet from high-quality, local sources. Members can build-your-own box each week choosing from produce, pastured meats, eggs, raw dairy and other staple pantry items.

Our summer season Veggie CSA is for folks who want to support our farm by getting the freshest supply of veggies (plus summer fruit!) to enjoy throughout the growing year, May – November. 

We also offer an Egg CSA. With a mix of heritage breeds moved around the farm, they are eating grass, clovers, and field herbs and supplemented with milk-soaked certified organic soy-free and corn-free feed.