On 27 acres, we are a small Organic and Biodynamic (non-certified, pursuing certification) farm in Henry County, Kentucky just over the Oldham County line, 35 minutes from downtown Louisville. We milk a homestead sized heard of Jersey cows and run a small CSA farm. We offer two CSA options: a Full Diet CSA and a Veggie + Egg CSA. Each includes home delivery.

Join our CSA

We offer two CSA options, both in partnership with Valley Spirit Farm: a Full Diet CSA and a Veggie + Egg CSA. Each CSA offers the convenience of home delivery in the greater Louisville area, including Oldham and Henry Counties.

The Full Diet CSA is year round and includes veggies, meats (beef, pork, poultry), dairy, eggs, fruits, grains, and other pantry items like lacto-fermented veggies, honey, sorghum, bone broth, and cooking fats. This CSA option is fully customized by you each week through the online order form–you choose exactly what you want; it arrives at your door a few days later. This is great option for small or large households who wish to get most of their foods from local, sustainable sources.  

The Veggie + Egg CSA is more like a “traditional” CSA in that we will compose a mix of veggies from our two farms, picked at peak freshness and nutrition, along with one dozen of our pastured eggs. You can expect 8-12 items each week, and like the Full Diet CSA, is delivered to your door. This is a great option for a family or household who want fresh, seasonal veggies, regularly cooks at home, and is open to trying the sometimes unfamiliar veggie, like fennel, beets, eggplant, okra, or arugula (of course, these are some of our favorite veggies!). Typically, we’re also able to offer some items in bulk, like tomatoes for canning, or extra basil for pesto making.