Grassfed Jersey Meat

I have created a few options for purchasing bundles. This hopefully makes it easy for you to have a sense of what you’re getting while also keeping it at a good price!

You will be enjoying Mateo and Banyon, both gorgeous gentlemen born on this farm, who were well loved and are equally missed. (The hardest part of farming, but a job I want full responsibility for.)

Some things to note:

  • All meat is packaged in butcher paper, not clear plastic.*
  • Ground beef is packaged in two-pound packages, as opposed to the standard one pound.
  • Generally speaking, cuts are left bone-in for extra flavor and nutrition.
  • Steaks are packaged in packs of two, and are roughly 3/4″ each.
  • All pounds listed below are estimates.

*Can do the full pack, or split it in half*
Ground Beef, 22 lbs
Braising Roasts, 4 x ~4 lbs ea
Shank Steaks / Short Ribs (for braising), ~8 lbs
Sirloin, Strip, Ribeye Steaks, `~8 lbs

$380 (approximately $7/lb)
$190 for a half pack

18 lbs
$100 ($5.50/lb)

48-hour Bone Broth, 4 qts
Rendered Beef Fat, half pint

Let me know if you are interested in organ meat! 🙂

Thank you Mateo.

*Why butcher paper? For me there are a few reasons.

1) Less plastic is always better.
2) The wrapping can be recycled or burned.
3) Meat degrades with exposure to light. I’m a fan of keeping the light out.
4) Vacuum-sealing is more prone to puncture or a “broken seal” from being moved around, which then loosens the plastic and creates a lot of air around the meat.
I know it’s not the standard so let me know what the experience is like for you!