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The CSA model is, by now, a tried and tested direct relationship model between the farmer and an individual or family. At its core, Community Supported Agriculture is a mutual commitment and partnership between a farm and community members designed as a way to distribute the freshest produce while sharing in the inherent rewards and unpredictability of farming. Members purchase a “share” at the beginning of the season and then receive a weekly “return” of the harvest. It’s a model that not only ensures the long-term viability of local agriculture, but is also an investment in local environmental protection and regeneration.

Our Veggie CSA is for folks who want healthy veggies (plus sweet summer fruit!) to enjoy throughout the growing year. Expect to eat very well! We are chef-y people and get really excited about sharing the flavors of high quality produce. We want you to taste the first peas and baby radishes grown in the cool, moist soil of spring and the kale sweetened by multiple fall frosts. Our CSA is a culinary journey throughout the year, chasing the best flavors of each season. Please note, we will always provide a diverse share, but we cannot guarantee certain quantities of specific items at any point in the season.

We view the CSA as an opportunity to share food and build relationships. In addition to the weekly share of produce, we will be hosting regular potluck dinners at the farm for CSA members and friends. We hope to get to know you and look forward to all the spontaneous and creative happenings that can occur when a group of people gather around food.

What’s in a Share?

Spring—peas, radishes, lettuce, carrots, kale, beets, fennel, arugula, celery, parsley, cilantro
Summer*—carrots, celery, onions, okra, green beans, garlic, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries
Fall—Sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, celery, onions, winter squash, kale, broccoli, cabbage

As just a sample list, there will obviously be some variation in share items throughout the season. A share will provide enough vegetables for a household to have the opportunity to whip up some old favorites and also explore new flavors. Additionally, the “kitchen” part of our farm name means that we see the time in the kitchen as essential to our work. You can expect a few bonus batches of pickles/fermented vegetables, like sauerkraut or my favorite, fermented okra, to show up in the CSA basket.

The share will come in a homemade up-cycled bag, and you can expect about 7-10 items each week.  In an effort to reduce waste, we rely on you return the bags each week so we can refill them for you!

In addition to the weekly share, we will provide a newsletter that includes information about the items in that week’s share and ideas on how to use the produce so you don’t have to worry about wasting it.

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*Special note: we will not be growing summer squash. In my experience, there are just too many diseases and pests that get invited into the garden when summer squash is planted. A home garden can be different, so if you are really a summer squash lover, I recommend growing a plant or two. The plant is notoriously productive—with a couple plants in your backyard you’ll probably be giving away bundles of squash to your neighbors.

Full Details and Signup Coming Soon!

Length: May through November
Number of shares available: 25 shares available. We are intentionally keeping this CSA small. By limiting the shares available, we hope we can better know our members and harvest the morning of the delivery or pick-up to give you the freshest vegetables possible.

How you get your share: We are offering to deliver your share right to your door, or you can pick up yours at the farm at your convenience. We deliver to Jefferson, Oldham and Henry counties.
On-Farm pickup discount:  If you would like to swing by the farm to pick up your share (and maybe your neighbor’s too!), we are happy to offer a discount off the full share price.

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