Full Diet CSA

Provisions for Year Round, Seasonal Eating at Home

“I think the first delivery we got- when we realized just how much food we were getting for our money, and the QUALITY of the food. This is seriously one of the best decisions we have made for our health in our entire lives. Being able to eat and enjoy meat (without guilt!) that we know has been raised in a healthy, sustainable, and humane way has really changed our experience of cooking and eating.”

–Full Diet Member, 2017

A Full Diet CSA – Free Choice & Farm-To-Door Delivery

The Full Diet CSA is a curated, seasonal cooking and eating experience that combines the products of multiple farms to conveniently offer a wide range of goods, from the field to your door. The Full Diet CSA is an opportunity for every part of your meal to be from a high quality, local source, and for you and your family to explore and share new foods. 

As a Free Choice CSA, your share is totally customizable by you. In a Newsletter email we craft biweekly, you receive an Order Form that reflects the products we can offer for that period. You select exactly what you want, and how much you want from that list.

Finally, CSA shares are delivered straight from the farm to your door. We can accommodate a delivery to your workplace if that is preferable to home delivery, and we offer a small discount for on-farm pick-up if you want to come say hi to the ducks or cows.

[I loved] the milk, eggs, bread, honey, ferments!!! It really feels too good to be true. Learning how to cook a really yummy pork tenderloin and pairing it with Louismill smoked grits and sautéed greens with garlic and onions- everything from the CSA and the whole family loved every bite!


See a Sample Order Form –

Season Length and Pricing

We break the year up into two parts–a Spring/Summer season and a Fall/Winter season. Each runs 20 weeks and accommodates a short break between the seasons. Roughly, the season’s run the first week of May to October, then October to March. The exact start date may vary by a week or two based on the weather.  


Base Price (First Adult) – $110 / week

Each Additional Adult – $55 / week

Children/Young Adults (ages 7-18) – $15 / week

(Children 6 & under – FREE)

Payment Options

Our membership is limited, but we can welcome you at any point in the year if we have space available. Available items are always shifting week to week. We prefer that you join us for an entire season so you can get a good taste of what this type of CSA offers! We offer two payment options and some potential discounts:

  • Pay for 4 weeks at a time – first payment due on or before first delivery
  • Prepay for the full Season for a 5% discount (check or cash only)

Additional Discounts

  • Vegetarian Members can receive a 15% discount (CSA still includes Eggs, Dairy, Bread, etc.).
  • Students, or those with Student Debt can get a 15% discount. To qualify for this discount, we ask that you also pick up your share at the farm. 
  • For regular members, a 10% discount is offered to those who can pick up their share at the farm

If you aren’t quite sure about committing to the full season, that’s okay! Let us know you would like to signup for one month and give it a try…


See a Sample Order Form –


Which farms are involved?

The loosely organized group of farms includes Pink Elephant Farm (Henry), Valley Spirit Farm (Henry), Faul Riverside Family Farm (Henry), and Rootbound Farm (Oldham). Pink Elephant farm supplies dairy, lacto-fermented veggies, summer blueberries, bone broths, and some beef and vegetables. Valley Spirit Farm supplies grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pastured pork, and vegetables. Faul Riverside Farm supplies pastured eggs and poultry. And, finally, Rootbound Farm provides Certified Organic vegetables and grass-fed/grass-finished lamb. Bread and Grains primarily come from Louismill, a stone mill and bakery in Anchorage, KY. Our raw honey comes from TC Fisher in Louisville. We try to be as transparent as possible with anything offered on the order form.

How do I order my food?

Each delivery period we will send out an email with a link to an online order form. You will select which items your family would like to enjoy. Keep in mind you will be ordering for two weeks at a time. There are no restrictions on the amount you order. Items will only be limited if the harvest requires it for that particular week. We simply stress, for many reasons, the importance of meal planning and trying to keep the orders as close to what you and your family will cook and eat for that order period.

How does delivery work?

We will deliver all of your items to either your house or office every other week. If no one is available to receive it, a large cooler (or two or three!) with ice packs will need to be left in an convenient location for us. Ideally, it can be left in a shady, covered spot. If you have a fridge/freezer that is accessible in the garage, that is ideal!

What if I am going on vacation and need to skip a week?

We recognize that vacations are a reality for some, and if needed we can accommodate up to two weeks off during the season. If you are traveling more than that during a given season, we’re happy to talk about a potential plan that can work for all of us.

Is the price per week or per delivery?

You pay based on the total number of weeks. We tried weekly delivery one season and bi-weekly delivery during another season and we found that both customers and farmers preferred the bi-weekly! Even though deliveries come every other week, the pricing is weekly since we assume you won’t be taking a week off from eating in between deliveries! Each time you order, you order what your family will eat during a two-week period.

Can I get any items more often than every other week?

If you so choose, milk can be delivered weekly.  Given that grocery store eggs are typically at least 1-2 months old, your eggs should be just fine for two weeks. We harvest our veggies right before delivery and our customers have found that things keep well. In our newsletter, we have links for ideas on how to organize your refrigerator and how to best store all the fresh veggies.

What if I already get some items from your farm?

Joining the Full Diet CSA means everything will be made available to you through one order form and come in one delivery. A big goal of this CSA was to help folks exactly like you who may be managing multiple accounts/markets/deliveries/pickups/etc just to supply everything you need for the week! This will roll everything into one easy ordering system and one convenient delivery.

We really hope that we can provide a significant amount of your grocery list each week, plus giving you the convenience of having it delivered right to your door.